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Jami's DNA bleeds visionary thinker, architect and maker. Her strategic design process seeks the subtle balance between imagination and the earth-tethered, using evolving technical tools as implements to express ideas and facilitate more efficient processes. In addition to her years as a mobile architect and accomplished designer and coder, Jami holds a Masters Degree in Architecture, and founded one of the very first organic children’s clothing companies, Inner Chai and Green Tea Baby and one of the original online meetup companies, GoMingle. 


Jami's artwork for The Sims was the first video game art acquisition ever made by MOMA and is now part of the museum's permanent collection. Her cinematic work can also be enjoyed in the Star Wars Pod Racer and Mech Warrior video games.  Her experiences ranging from creative direction at Tyler Perry Studios to designing and architecting mobile solutions for Cintas, to creating a 3D home design tool, to AR work for the power industry inform her formidable insight into the triangle of creativity, technology and brand solutions.



Our thoughtful team of thinkers , designers, architects, artists and developers are eager to sculpt tangible digital products of our collective imagination.

Nomad Candy makes digital experiences for humans. As such we treat your private information with the utmost care and respect. Any data collected to enable our applications to function will never be sold or shared with an external party. No data is ever collected without your explicit knowledge. Enjoy our creative apps and internet safely.
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